Highlights from (e)merge: the Artists Platform

DC Cheer!, an artist project led by Kristina Bilonick, greeted artists with encouragement as they arrived. Photo by E. Brady Robinson

Unlike the gallery platform, two-dimensional works were a bit less common in the artist platform at (e)merge. It’s not surprising — in their call to artists the organizers expressed an interest in site-specific work that engaged with the idiosyncrasies of a hotel setting. But it may also point to the organizers’ desire to favor experimentation over commerce in this portion of the fair. There were simultaneous performances throughout (e)merge, and they were hard to miss, but we also got a look at a couple of two-dimensional works as well.

Visitors get ready for the talk “Emerging Art / Emerging Practices.” Weft, by Kathering Tzu-Lan Mann hangs in the background.

Detail of Weft, by Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann – Photo by Alex Ebstein

Installation view of works by Tammi Campbell


Installation view of works by Tammi Campbell


Installation view of Shared Albums / Collective Memory by Allison Clark and Sophia Guerci – photo by Alex Ebstein

Free Art Booth by Peacock

Installation of Dinner Bell: Whole Chicken and T-bone





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